Curtains for Large Bay Windows: 10 Wonderful Decor Ideas

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Probably, every home has some spaces inside that are difficult to be decorated with curtains for large bay windows. For example, some strange not square angles that are not finished or have bay windows. Such kind of windows is a good idea because they give natural light into the apartment, but when the owner tries to cover them the idea to let them bare appears.

Can you choose perfect window blinds for bay windows that dress the window well without losing the light? There are some interesting ideas you may use that will look amazing in any interior.

How to Decorate Your Space With Curtains for Large Bay Windows

Here 10 bay window examples to cover your panes.

  1. One of the most popular variants for designer window coverings is bamboo shades. You may apply each facet for every bay window and you will save more free space and get the complete privacy at your home. They should make the great set with your window.
  2. One more interesting and original idea for bay window dressing in bedrooms or home offices is choosing patterned roman shades. What do you think about the playful pattern? Is it an interesting way to decorate your space? Because anyway you will buy curtains for large bay windows, so do it in an original way.
  3. Actually, plain roman shades play very nice in bedrooms as well. This brings the refreshing feel in any space and can give the constant element to the kid’s room. Thus, you will have the inspiration to use light roman shades to other rooms of your home.
  4. Large bay window treatments can give the luxury effect to your room. If you don’t want to apply light roman shades then use long drapes in interesting and beautiful fabric to fill the angles.

  5. Some people think valences are the great variant for mother’s kitchen, but it is not true. Beautiful fabric that is descending with tassels and many folds, can apply the principle of wealth to the window decorating.
  6. If you would like to use windows shades and curtains for large bay windows you can do it, especially if your window has some curtains in the corners, thus you can buy cheap blinds and save your money.
  7. Using reverse shades is a great way to hold your privacy and give the light to your apartment. Thus, they will fit your windows. Choose a layer of curtains for large bay windows and you will get both privacy and a light as well.

  8. If you prefer to have some traditional interior in your room, then think carefully about curtains for large bay windows. This is the good variant for any bathroom because it helps to create needed light and privacy in this room.
  9. Some people want to establish the bay window not only because of the light but also because of free space in the room. So if you want to hold your books, souvenirs and so on install a curtain that you may use for the whole window and make the excellent space for reading and have rest.
  10. Probably you will want to have all possible light and not only a little reading cover, you can establish some blinds. This type of blinds can soak the light during the day and save your privacy as well.
Curtains for Large Bay Windows: 10 Wonderful Decor Ideas updated: June 7, 2021 by author: Ana White
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