14 Inspiring Custom Kitchen Breakfast Nook Ideas for Your Country House

Here few original and useful ideas for breakfast nook bench with storage you can find and apply to your interior.

Most people will agree that a kitchen breakfast nook ideas are the needed thing for every person. It can be considered as a luxury in a house because if you have a kitchen breakfast nook, you probably have a formal dining room.

Such cozy breakfast nooks are favorite places for many kinds of activities including morning coffee and homework sessions and so on. For making this, you need just a table, some bench and a free space in your kitchen to install it. The size and shape of the table depend on the size of your room, and benches could be realized as built in etc. Here few original and useful ideas for kitchen’s bench you can find and apply to your interior and kitchen breakfast nook as well.

What You Will Like in Kitchen Breakfast Nook Ideas

  • Sometimes kitchen design with breakfast nook can be simple as a cozy seating and small table. Put them into a corner, place some pillows and the comfortable space is ready.
  • If you are a lover of built in kitchen breakfast nook, then go to improve your woodworking skills. Choose two simple boxes with pillows on top and fulfill the corner of the room.
  • If your kitchen has already a window set your acts will be easy. Find the table that will fit to your seats and add few chairs. Thus, you will get an easy custom breakfast nook set.
  • Bright sunny rooms are the best decision for those who like to spend time there. Combine your window with a long seating and the morning sun will smile you in the cup of coffee.
  • Some breakfast recess fit perfectly with cushions, but it is not the rule. Choose upholstered seating and your modern kitchen breakfast nook furniture will look like a morning pajama.

  • Actually, if your space doesn’t have any empty corner, it’s okay. The big kitchen can include built out kitchen square into the empty space.
  • The small room can have the modern corner nook, but it could be not natural with traffic of the room. If the bench it is not enough for you, then add few chairs and push them under the table when they are not in use.
  • Do you like kitchen breakfast bench but feel a lack of woodworking skills? Then install low cabinetry. Maybe you will need an unusual size but you will have an extra seating and storage as well.
  • Your nook benches don’t need to be lining the wall for creating the cozy place. You can install them like in a restaurant one opposite another.
  • Designers are sure that round furniture can add diversity to square shaped rooms. So choose the round table with an original curved bench to make a perfect kitchen breakfast nook in your room full of square cabinets.
  • Did you know that built in cabinets and seating in stylish homes bring a character? For instance, paint your breakfast recess bench in some color that differs from the color of walls.
  • Do you need more storage with your kitchen breakfast nook? Pay your attention on the breakfast nook. The seating is a perfect place to install some cabinets, drawers and so on to keep all staff you don’t need very often.
  • Rustic style for kitchen needs also rustic details to breakfast recess as well. Make your bench from the wood and then you don’t need to paint it.
  • Windows on the kitchen give a great field to create the perfect space. Install your nook with the table near the window and get the pretty nice place for eating.
14 Inspiring Custom Kitchen Breakfast Nook Ideas for Your Country House updated: June 5, 2021 by author: Ana White
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