10 Exquisite Reclaimed End Table Ideas for Different Interior Decor

Wood and White End Tables

Reclaimed end table have a great variety of ways of using. They are needed to fulfill the boring and empty nook or some cranny. They often used to make bedroom or living room more functional. Or create more free space for storage. But it doesn’t matter how you will use this piece of furniture, pay attention to details that make living room end tables with storage unique and original.

Thus, you may need the professional help. In this article, you will find many interesting ideas for inspiration. Look at this list and find some perfect reclaimed end table for your apartment.

10 Reclaimed End Table Variants

  1. The small one. Actually, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to decorate small modern living room end tables. You won’t have even enough free space to realize a lot of creative ideas. For example, put there few fun books or something like that.
  2. The rustic styled reclaimed end table. When you have chosen a rustic style for tables decorating then pay attention to organic details. What do you think about aquarium, crystals and so on that will be trendy and fun and will fit a house in country style.
  3. Black living room end tables. All you need is just some fresh and nice accessory to decorate this table. For instance, place a vase with beautiful flowers on it.

  4. The glass table. Choose wonderful multipurpose acrylic table that will become fun and useful part of your interior.
  5. The round one. This table style may be a great part of the midcentury modern design. Put some fresh greens, books and get an easy but perfect look.
  6. Mission style oak end tables with storage. Some people pay attention to storage space before choosing reclaimed end table. You can keep book collection there, media pieces and the like.
  7. Trendy end tables. This variant is perfect for creating a playful, interesting and stylish vibe in the bedroom. These tables are often more personal. Put there your favorite book, beautiful lamp, original print and get inspired all the time.

  8. Narrow one. Probably your space needs narrow reclaimed end table to work near it or for other purposes. And in cases when your space is limited this variant is a perfect way to get a stylish and unique piece of furniture.
  9. Mirrored pieces. Such reclaimed end table will give a modern vibe to your interior. It’s nice way to create the space bright and sparkling.
  10. White models. Any living room will become interesting with these white tables.
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10 Exquisite Reclaimed End Table Ideas for Different Interior Decor updated: June 9, 2021 by author: Ana White


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