Log Wood Furniture: 6 Attractive Wood Log Table Examples

It is appropriate to combine heights and widths when carving a chair from a log.

Common tree stump may be easily transformed into great piece of log wood furniture. This is the reason why this kind of DIY projects are highly preferred all over the world. If you try, you’ll see that it is very easy to make a stool or table from tree stump. In this article we will describe several ideas for outdoor log wood furniture that can be made of tree stump.

Let’s start with log wood tables, because these pieces are one of the easiest projects which anyone can accomplish. Think about log wood table, decorating your terrace or an outdoor deck. If natural look of the outdoor space in your house is what you want, then simply link the piece with the surrounding space. Combine two or more logs and you’ll have a set of side tables. In this case it is appropriate to combine logs with different heights and widths.

Log Wood Furniture: Log Stool Ideas on Your Backyard

Wood log stool is another idea to think about. Outdoor dining area will look much more natural if common dining chairs will be replaced by wood log stools. If you think that these new pieces are not as comfortable as actual chairs, try to add cushions and you’ll see difference.

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In order to make your outdoor dining area even more unique, place stools on one side of the table and on other side put a log bench. This little mix-up will definitely be successful. Customize stools – paint the seats, for example. This simple action will make them look more beautiful. Such idea with log wood furniture may be used for organizing dining area in any place of the outdoor and for any occasion – in the garden or on the deck, for rustic wedding or for loud party on the weekend.

Uniqueness is one of the main features of log wood furniture. Make a stool of tree stump and you will never find the same one in your neighborhood or on the other side of the planet. Combine logs with different dimensions, looks and shapes, put them around common wood table and, thus, highlight their uniqueness.

Log Wood Furniture: Wood Log Table Ideas on Your Backyard

Wedding is always special occasion, and it deserves special decorations. You probably have never thought about it, but there is a plenty of ideas how to use a tree stump to decorate outdoor area for wedding. Table from tree stump is a great idea for displaying different decorations. Flower vases, table numbers and dozens of other ideas are available for any person willing to take this challenge.

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Small cute sitting area in your garden may be easily organized around cedar log coffee table. Even more brave idea is to carve several armchairs out of large part of tree stump and place them around the table. If you are looking for something smaller and neater, consider a cedar log coffee table, looking like a mushroom. For this, take two tree stumps, one larger and one smaller. Use smaller stump as a base and larger one as a top. Determine appropriate height of the piece and here you are!

The list of really cool ideas concerning things you can make of a tree stump is endless. You just need to spot one of them and start bringing it to life.

Log Wood Furniture: 6 Attractive Wood Log Table Examples updated: June 22, 2021 by author: Ana White

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