Wine Cork Furniture: 10 Delightful Design Ideas

Wine Cork Stools

Cork is not only about champagne or wine cork furniture. However, for some people this may become a surprise. This is extremely versatile material often used as flooring and many options of beautiful decorations.

Maybe, it will be a surprise for you, but the material is also a great option for making furniture of it. Today many designers all over the world have already found and continue finding more and more new ways to use material in wine cork furniture manufacturing. Here are several examples of its successful usage.

Cork chair, designed by Paola Navone, is a part of collection called “InOut”. Each piece of collection (chairs as well as other wine cork furniture pieces) are made to serve their owners both indoors and outdoors. They all look lovely when placed on terraces, decks, gardens and poolside lounges. Another great idea is to place this cork chair in a nicely organized reading corner, but do not forget about a good footstool to match the entire composition.

Wine Cork Furniture

Piece which will make a good combination with a chair described before. But, even standing alone, item will serve well. Being simply designed Cork 45 is pretty versatile in use. It can become a multifunctional side table or a stool which will be a perfect suit for any décor and setting.

Cork Series

Organize a playful and comfortable interior in the room with the special series of wine cork furniture pieces like cork coffee table, chairs, side tables and stools. Set has a dark finish which is characteristic to result of specific design process. The process mainly consists of water vapors injecting into the blocks, which let them to expand. Regardless the manufacturing process, furniture pieces still have pleasant texture and have such qualities as acoustic and thermic insulation.

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Designed by Michael Sodeau, Casper stools have two funny holes on the side. They look like eyes, but actually these are finger holes to help you in moving the stool around or carry it whenever you want. Though, stool has very simple design, the rounded edges of its cylindrical design make it more comfortable for seating.

King & Queen Series

Claudio Bitetti, designer from Mogg Design, was inspired by chess pieces and created the series of natural wine cork furniture that consists of two pieces, which may serve as side tables or as stools. The only visible difference between these two pieces is their height, so they can be used as a set or separately.

Drifted Cork Bar Stool

There are many things today made of this material, and the most important characteristic of wine cork furniture is its sustainability. Of course there are many other specific attributes which helps to fully appreciate and even start loving such pieces of wine cork furniture like Drifted cork bar stool. It not only has a waterproof seat, but is also made of durable and recyclable materials. Mentioned bar stool idea is always a winning choice for every interior design and personal taste of a customer.

Champagne Stool

Champagne cork is probably first thing that people usually think about when it comes about cork as a material. And actually the Champagne cork stool was made using this exact iconic bottle cap. Piece becomes a quirky accent in any interior thanks to its appearance which becomes a metaphor to the word “Cork”.

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Designer Miguel Arruda created an armchair, which is something really clever. This model of wine cork furniture has two sizes: small and large. Its simple design still has several variations: it may have legs made of stainless steel, may be made of mixed cork or have a rotative seat.

This is a poof, which has a playful design and is really cute. Although initially it was made for children, it doesn’t mean that only kids may use it. this compact pouf has one detail, which lets people to customize their collection in different playful ways. This is a central strap and you may choose one of six available colors of it for each separate item. The only material used in manufacturing is cork and it means that pouf is waterproof, hypoallergenic, lightweight, highly resistant to possible fluctuations of the temperature and of course comfortable like all wine cork furniture.

Creator of this model was inspired by the shape of common wood barrels that were traditionally used for storage and transport of different goods and wine. The hemp rope is attached to the piece in order to make its carrying around easier.

Eroded Stools

The intriguing shape of these stools is abstract and captures the eye of every person who has seen it. Each item is made of solid block and has a unique recessed seat. It looks like a liquid curving downward and that’s why it is the best idea to create some interesting patterns with several such stools.

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Magazine Holder

Actually it is pretty hard to confidently say what the main function of this piece is. It may be very flexible and versatile thanks to many combinations you may create with several such holders. Place several items on each other and get a beautiful cork coffee table with handy niches for newspapers or other small things, or let them perform the function of a side table in your bedroom or living room.

SCRW Hocker

This innovative design of wine cork furniture is something very simple, but at the same time special. It consists of a metal tube frame and a seat. The seat is screwed into the frame and makes the model more functional. Screwing or unscrewing the seat user may adjust the height of the stool whenever needed.

Bar Stool With the Concrete Base

This interesting detail makes the stool more stable and makes the look of the model more solid. In general the model consists of the comfortable cork seat, supporting metal rod and the concrete base that was already mentioned.

For many people, wine cork furniture is something really new and exciting. If you are one of these people, do not hesitate and choose one of hundreds ideas available and become another owner of pretty and playful piece of wine cork furniture.

Wine Cork Furniture: 10 Delightful Design Ideas updated: July 26, 2020 by author: Ana White

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