Custom Pallet Furniture: 3 Resourceful Types of Furniture

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Custom pallet furniture is well known for a long time in constructions of shipping mechanisms, for storing of many items and so on. Nowadays trays have much more functions than just a once-and-done packaging piece – they are useful resource in domestic décor and design methods.

Beginners and professionals create DIY projects with applying of different large and small cool custom pallet furniture, accessories making, or disassemble trays into separate planks that could fit for many different projects. Thus, the wood is realized in new way, rustic style or a combination of it. And the best feature of this material is the price – it is free.

Here are few examples for the inspiration of creating original and cool custom pallet furniture. Get the inspiration here and make your best piece ever.

Custom Pallet Furniture: Simple Coffee Table Designs

  1. It is possibly to make pretty nice dining table from recycled wood trays. For instance, the original table could be made from four wooden material and it becomes functional in both indoor and outdoor interiors because it looks simply and beautiful. Besides, you may choose the size of future homemade rustic coffee table and others. But try to choose wood trays without preliminary chemically treat. For making it more solid finish the piece off with oil, polyurethane or deck sealer.
  2. Interesting outdoor homemade rustic coffee table with rollers could be the fabulous variant in many DIY projects. Such practical piece could serve as coffee table while family and friends outside hanging out or like a small dining table when you do plan to have outdoor snack.
  3. Simple coffee table from tray could be made with practical shelves inside, besides you could color custom pallet furniture in various tones to fit this piece for your available design style.
  4. Stylish simple coffee table designs with glass top look modern and made from wooden material that you can decorate like you want, add wheels and so on.
  5. Coffee table in oriental style could be made from interesting and unique colored or stained pallets. Such simple coffee table designs may look like Marrakech style but in fact made from the materials you have find near metro shopping area. Small drawers will give more storage space.
  6. Computer desk look stylish and original. This custom pallet furniture is simple and inexpensive project that will fit to many interior designs.
  7. Wood trays are perfect material to kitchen island making, paint the finished result and get interesting and unique kitchen.

Custom Pallet Furniture: Wood Pallet Chairs and Sofas Making

  1. Comfortable sofa could be made from plastic and wood with an adding of some cushions, so it is ready for using and relaxing.
  2. Pallet sofa could have built-in place for storage and needs six wooden pallets to making it, so it is possibly to keep books, magazines there and other important staff.
  3. Wood pallet chair in outdoor rest could be made from separate small pieces connected between each other with a durable rope. Hang such wood pallet chair on tall tree and enjoy.
  4. It is easy to create original outdoor lounger or daybeds from wood and have one more single pallet bed besides very cheap. Such daybeds look very comfortable and your children will love such pallet kids’ beds very much. For making such custom pallet furniture stack few trays together and secure them with a convenient mattress on the top.
  5. Create single pallet bed to pets and they will be appreciating for sure. These beds are easy to make, just cut a pallet in rectangular shape, put a comfortable pillow in and that is all.
  6. Your kids will say thanks for pallet kids’ bed and reading nook in their rooms. You may create such place by yourself with using of two trays and some tools.

Custom Pallet Furniture: Pallet Board Bookshelves

  1. Trays could be successfully used as shoe rack. Clean the wooden material and fix it on a wall vertically.
  2. Pallet board bookshelf and bike rack could be made from wood material without much transformation. Place them along the wall in various order and make your room more comfortable, original and useful.
  3. Choose floating pallet board bookshelves from trays is an easy method of decorating – just clear out the pallet and hang it on the wall. You may keep pictures and photos there, or other decorative elements.
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How to Decorate Home with Trays

Wood boxes are often used in indoor and outdoor decoration. For instance, nowadays vertical garden from custom pallet furniture are very popular. This beautiful and original structure plays a great role in plants growing and space decorations as well.

You may also make a creative mirror from this material. Take the piece as a main structure and add mirror on it – it is original and easy to make project. As you see, pallets may be used for many various pieces, just open your mind and create!

Custom Pallet Furniture: 3 Resourceful Types of Furniture updated: July 26, 2020 by author: Ana White

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