21 Wonderful Wood Coffee Table Designs for Living Room

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For all people minimalist coffee table is something very common. There’re so many wood coffee table designs that it is extremely hard to choose one. Natural warmness and elegancy of the wood is capable to make any living room look unique and cozy.

Another plus of wood is its adaptability to any type of room’s interior. Really, nice coffee tables can take huge number of forms and designs, so it might be helpful to know several most popular their types which shows the beauty of the wood in the most stylish and interesting ways. Probably in the list below, you’ll find the description of the piece you have always dreamed about.

Types of Minimalist Wood Coffee Table Designs

  • Tree stump table. This item is just perfect for placing in your favorite reading corner. However. Such desk can also be placed in the bedroom and replace the boring common nightstand.
  • Hairpin legs and solid top. Want to stand out? Designed in rustic style, it looks pretty interesting and will breathe a new life into your living room. Thin wooden slats gathered together and secured by metal ring will be something that differs from all other models existing in the world.
  • Live edges. Each piece is always unique. You can take several wood items with live pieces and use them individually as well as a set, and it will always look contemporary and appealing.
  • Tree trunk. It is great idea to make such table be a focal point of the living room. It will tell it’s history to any visitor and you will never get bored when looking at it. Some tree trunk items are so beautiful that they can easily exceed any of the most expensive sculptures designed for living rooms. Such one-of-s-kind pieces are priceless and totally unique.
  • Driftwood table. One of the best exemplars of small reclaimed minimalist wood coffee table designs. It is a great option for your DIY project. Just take several pieces of reclaimed wood and a bit of inspiration. Attach these pieces to each other the way you like, and unique coffee desk is ready.
  • Sculptural coffee table. No matter where you will place it and what type of décor will surround the piece, it will always become a zest in any space with these wood coffee table designs.
  • Sliced round table. Such models usually consist of several slices and when put together, they form an ideal circle which quite simple and understated.
  • Wood slice table. It can acquire any function and look versatile. Sometimes it is more appropriate to make custom shelves or storage units from the slices. Each item will be one-of-a-kind, because the form each slice of wood is always unique. So, thanks to wood coffee table designs you’ll have a unique desk in the living room.

  • Minimalist but eye-catching items. Playing with styles sometimes may result in something really unforgettable. Mix several materials and get simple modern coffee table, but with a rustic charm.
  • Models with geometric top. It is a great option to mix, for example, hexagon top with unique sculptural base. As a result it has a rustic character, and at the same time describes and combines number of other versatile characteristics and styles.
  • Another nice minimalist wood coffee table is the one made of wood trunks and branches, which were put together like a puzzle. When completed, this puzzle looks eye-catching and mesmerizing.
  • Modes with irregular forms. Contemporary and modern wood coffee table designs are often include such pieces. Nobody will take these irregularities as defects. Vice versa, they will be perceived like details enhancing the beauty and uniqueness of an item.
  • Geometric coffee tables. There pieces are usually simple and understated. If your main goal is not to stand out, but to make your living room be cozy and comfortable, then, probably, this option is what you were looking for.
  • Live-edge sculptural model. If you’ve looked through dozens or maybe hundreds of wood coffee table designs and still looking for a model which is made to storage different magazines, cup of coffee or other things in a fast access, then large piece with flat top is what you need.
  • Wood and metal. Mixing two materials like wood and metal, design will never be bland and boring, especially if there is any strong feature designed by the nature.

  • Tables with gaps in wood coffee table designs. It is totally extraordinary to have the one with a gap, which splits a top and looks like a canyon in the center of the item. Thus, extraordinary look of your living room is guaranteed.
  • At first sight, simple, but actually, functional and versatile are sets of coffee tables with more or less correct forms and common features. Smooth surface is perfect to rest your drink and when extended, pieces complement the room with a graphical look.
  • Heavy top minimalist wood coffee table. The aim of such models is to stand out and make heavy wooden top hold by thin legs look lightweight and soaring.
  • Odd shaped table. Such pieces may look really odd, because it is hard to name its form. These are neither oval table nor square. In wood coffee table designs they look more like a big slice of wood with live edges and unique gaps on the surface.
  • Table with wooden cylinders as legs. It is more likely to find wood coffee table designs which differ from other models with their tops. So, what if to try to make a model that stand out not with its top, but with legs? Pointing down wooden cylinders holding straight and smooth top will become a focal point of any interior.
  • Any small reclaimed minimalist wood coffee table will look odd if it misses a corner. This is a great option to focus the attention not on its functionality but on a style and charm.

This is not the whole list of minimalist wood coffee table designs available in the world. There is an endless number of ways to give the second life to wood pieces which were once used. Each model is always interesting and unique and it will be better to look as much options as possible to make a wise decision and choose the best one that will perfectly suit your room.

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21 Wonderful Wood Coffee Table Designs for Living Room updated: August 4, 2020 by author: Ana White

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