3 Resourceful Elements of Rustic Style Decor for Your House

Moes Rustic Bistro Furniture Set

Even if you are the owner of a high-tech modern house, rustic style decor can make your interior charming and more interesting.

Maybe the magic is in natural wood using, neutral colors, upcycled vibe – many people like it. Anyway, this style suggests too many options for rebuilding the only one room in rustic design or just using few elements to add to your available space.

Modern Rustic Style Decor in Bedrooms

Rustic style gives bedrooms a cozy, welcoming and relaxing feeling. You may buy original modern rustic bedding sets with louvered headboard with glass on doors cabinets around it and same louvers down. Behind the headboard you may place the distressed panels, thus the room will get more colors and interest, and repeat the finish in on the side table. Complete the design with country chandelier and the perfect mood is done.

Another variant is completing the bedroom in rustic style with light colors and beautiful carved headboard. Choose the bed with side rails and a running board. Decorate the neutral wall with rustic pendants and your space will be completed.

Dining Area With Rustic Style Decor

Your dining area may also be a bit rustic and modern as well. Find the natural wooden table and chairs a little contemporary style because of the shape and profile. Few geometric pendants as a rustic style decor will give the specific charm and country flair.

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Another example of your dining room in country rustic design is using the live edge wood and applying benches not chairs. Thus, you will get the picnic style. Add a silver base and impress your guests by the contrast to the natural wooden top. Complete the setting with an elegant chandelier with metal rings and crystal fixture.

If you ate the lover of bistro design for the dining room, then pay attention to a set of oval table and chairs that fit the rustic elegant dining room. Such a dining table is beautiful because of these elements:

  • the shape of the top,
  • riveted edge,
  • and amazing metal bases.

Stools could be upholstered in leather and completed with original looking legs, thus the entire set looks solid and high-quality in rustic style decor.

Farm Bathrooms With Rustic Style Decor

You may decorate with this style even simple and small bathroom. A rustic farm bathroom will appear if you will add an original wooden chandelier or a window wall. Even a mirror in the distressed frame will give the country charm. Complete the look with a chest style vanity. That is the perfect stylish room.

3 Resourceful Elements of Rustic Style Decor for Your House updated: June 6, 2021 by author: Ana White

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