3 Gorgeous Rustic Modern Counter Stools and Chairs Ideas

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Rustic Modern Counter Stools and Chairs Ideas

  1. Using few rustic modern counter stools in your interior is another useful way to organize the rustic style at your home. The first step could be using mildly country stool with woven top. Don’t choose too distressed or primitive one, then such a chair will work perfectly with the rest of the furniture in the room. For instance, buy chairs in different heights and they will make an accent or could be the additional seating places in the kitchen.
  2. The designer Bella Rustica proposes to use a saddle as rustic modern counter stools. This is the typical rustic styled piece in your interior. It is the perfect accent as it is often used as a décor – drape throw from the saddle and you will have the original accessory.
  3. If you plan to create the casual vibe at your space then pay attention to the frayed-edge upholstery for chairs because it becomes very popular these days for country style making. For your living room choose few white armchairs draped with textured fabric that is like a slipcover. Rustic log stools fit perfectly for natural wood. Be sure, chairs with frayed edges will provide the true rustic ambiance to your room.
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How to Make Rustic Style with Rustic Modern Counter Stools

Furniture plays the most important role in the interior when it comes creating the truly rustic style. Depending on your taste, you may use just some little pieces or focus on large modern rustic furniture that will be the base of the room. For instance, the rustic bar is an original harming piece that will give the style to the game area or other room with beautiful distressed front panels. Such furniture gives absolutely a homey feeling.

You may also choose another bar made in country style with the addition of metal fitting, an elegant patina, and stenciling meant to make the look of the upcycled trunk and so on. Add rustic modern counter stools with the similar finishing but in contrast color and make the charming ambiance with applying a rustic style home decor, where you and your friends could relax and have a nice time.

As you have already known, distressed finishing is the typical option of rustic décor and could be realized in large pieces as well, for example, in some fabulous armoire. This substantial piece makes the focal point in the room. You may add something playful there like lettering on the doors and so on. All you need for rustic style making is a pair of homespun accessories.

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Sometimes mismatched pieces like rustic modern counter stools also work on country style making. What do you think about tall dresser with the upcycled ambiance that has many drawers decorated with different kinds of hardware? Thus, the room will have a relaxed mood with such an eclectic style. Mix it with metal accessories and add some greenery.

Distressed finishing matches with worn accessories such as pots and works perfectly in the space where you would like to realize the country style. Find shelving with old-fashioned finishing and shape colored in bright tone. Even if you combine it with other typical items, this shelf becomes the main point in your room like rustic modern counter stools.

Designers also propose to use even outdoor dark rustic furniture in your space. For instance, you can use a set made from a heavy resin but it looks like from the natural wood. It feels good during the summer and can blend with nature in a background.

You can make all home made in rustic style just by adding few pieces or accessories throughout the house. It could be a wine rack table made from metal in a combination of the natural wooden top. Add right accessories and get charming ambiance. And don’t limit yourself to neutral colors. Choose different colors and tones, even in one piece.

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