8 Inspired Kitchen Nook Ideas for Your Dining Room

Kid Friendly Breakfast Nook Furniture

Have you ever noticed pictures of kitchen nook ideas where someone seats in a breakfast nook and enjoys the sunny morning, read the magazine and drinks a cup of coffee? Do you want to be in that place once?

Maybe you do not believe but not only famous and rich people can buy breakfast nooks. There are few tips you may also use to create a cozy place at your home with kitchen nook ideas for having Sunday rest breakfasts. Get an inspiration from following breakfast kitchen nook ideas and maybe you will want to get one for yourself.

Tips for Making a Custom Kitchen Nook Ideas

  1. If you have some empty corner in your house, then you have a free place for breakfast nook making. It does not matter how you use your space – as kitchen or dining room, you can utilize this corner to realize beautiful and cozy kitchen nook ideas. Just two benches, and bookshelves on the bottom, if you dream about it you can get it.
  2. One of the quickest ways to highlight something on your open place is hanging a chandelier above. This rule also works with a breakfast nook. Find beautiful chandelier and put it above your nook, thus this space becomes your own. What do you think about neon chandelier or some other model with crystals?

  3. It is impossible to imagine the cozy breakfast nook without cushions. You may buy or make a seat cushion yourself and add more pillows that will fit other colors in your home. Thus, you will get the classic breakfast nook picture from Pinterest.
  4. Every homeowner dreams about storage in their homes. If you want a breakfast nook to keep an extra storage then it is time to be creative. Add drawers on the bottom of your nook seats. Put on shelves for dishes or plants. Or install your nook near the bookcase. There are so many variants you may use for adding storage space in your house with kitchen nook ideas.
  5. Patterned wallpaper always works perfectly in any small space, besides it gives more color. If you want to transform your breakfast nook into happy space then add your favorite wallpaper with a pattern. Thus, your breakfast becomes more spectacular.
  6. Do not forget about art. If you put your nook not near the window, then think carefully about the filling the empty space above it. Buy one large piece of art for the cozy nook and it becomes a pleasant and comfortable place for spending lazy time for all your family.
  7. If you do not have a small empty place to create the nook, it’s ok. Make the giant breakfast nook high table in your dining room. Add long benches with cushion and you will be able to gather together all your family members and friends there.
  8. One more popular reason to install a custom kitchen nook ideas is that you have children. This space is a perfect place for creativity with paint, home task and dinner with your little helpers. Benches are safe seats for kids because they always want to hang out when they wait you will make dinner. Is not it an important reason for making a small corner nook dining set in your place?
8 Inspired Kitchen Nook Ideas for Your Dining Room updated: June 4, 2021 by author: Ana White
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