Which Front Exterior Door Designs Are Most Popular Today?

Exterior Door Designs

Front exterior door is the first thing which your guests see before coming. This choice will make the first impression about you, your family, and your taste. There are a lot of different kinds of entry doors, backdoors in the market. The most popular materials are fiberglass, steel, and wood. All of them have strengths and weaknesses. Notice, steel entry costs lower than wooden or fiberglass but it does not mean that steel door will wear longer.

Exterior Door Designs

Popular Materials for Front Exterior Door

Here is the main characteristic of the range of exterior entry:

  1. Fiberglass doors – is practical and popular choice. They have a smooth surface and embossed wood-grain texture. The good master can make this type of entry like the wooden one – not possible to distinguish visually. Doors from this material wear and tear better than steel doors. Different colors, moderate prices, little maintenance can be attributed to the pluses. The minus is cracking under severe impact.
  2. Steel doors – are very popular in USA. This kind is not expensive, can offer good security, does not deform due to weather resistance like fiberglass or wood. It needs also little maintenance. The plus is energy-efficient qualities, but adding glass panels cuts the insulating value. And there is also some flaw – it is hard to fix dents. I the scratches will not be painted soon they may rust.
  3. Wood doors – is the most popular material. The best entries are from good natural wood, but they are fake often. Wood show good results in wearing ant tearing. They have not dents and it is easy to repair scratches. Unfortunately, these doors could be expensive for someone. For good looking the wood need regular painting.
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Nowadays the combinations of these materials are very popular. For example, glass and wood door, some little windows on front door and so on. Glass inserts look very attractive near doorknob, above and below the front entry.

Exterior Door Designs

Designer’s Decisions for Front Exterior Door

According to the style, here are some examples of the most popular variants:

  • “Dutch” doors are fiberglass front entry with sidelights; this type is split horizontally and the top and bottom can move independently;
  • Contemporary entry doors has smooth, flush surface and simple design; this model have no panels and painted in beautiful colors;
  • Craftsman style front doors have only one piece, square edges, sharp lines, vertical grain; it can be wooden front door with glass with pretty shelf called a “dentil”;
  • Decorative doors with beautiful ornamental metal grilles, glass panels or combine of it; this decoration gives any door an alluring, sophisticated look and good measure of security;
  • Classic doors, for example, front door with windows in warm and familiar style are very popular in USA;
  • Rustic front doors are unique, can give an old charm to your entry.

Choosing front door is not only interesting and fun, but also an important decision. Doing this by yourself you can show all your designer’s talent, or trust professionals to do this. Anyway, choosing door with friends or relatives could be memorable, rewarding and pleasurable time!

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