18 Helpful Tips How to Decorate Wood Beam Shelf in Your Living Room

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Wood beam shelf and fireplace are two completely compatible things! Most people are sure that a fireplace can’t exist without a mantel like a sofa can’t exist without bright pillows. It is clear that a sofa will look better and you have the opportunity to it, so why not?

Maybe, you afraid that you don’t have professional skills for installing a fireplace mantel, but actually, you do not need this. There are so many methods to install such a wood beam shelf on your fireplace and their styles as well. Find the inspiration from these tips of your shelf’s decoration.

18 Tips for Decoration of Wood Beam Shelf

  1. Choose wooden floating mantel shelf. It gives the feeling of living nature in your living room.
  2. You can choose a pretty nice wood mantel for a fireplace – classic piece for a classic room.
  3. If a fireplace is inside the wall, then play with a board as well. For instance, create a beautiful moulding piece for a completing a picture.
  4. To put on a mantel you need just a board and brackets – that is all. It would be better to add some nice vintage brackets with a feature of wear to make the wood beam shelf alive.
  5. If you have no enough money to decorate your mantel board with expensive materials, don’t worry, just buy a can of stain in beautiful tone and your wood beam shelf will look completely different.
  6. If you have a large fireplace, then pay attention to black unique fireplace mantel shelves that won’t look bulky.
  7. There are fireplaces that look awkward because of placing shelves on one side but not on both. In these situations, you can place a long mantel shelf that will span across a fireplace – the whole wall will make the wall harmonious.

  8. If you have a stove instead of a fireplace then you also can put on a wood beam shelf as well. Place such a place behind the stove and fill the free space near it.
  9. A large piece of art hanged above the mantel board will give the fireplace and space near it unique and cozy.
  10. A large mirror is a perfect way to decorate a fireplace the makes it super cute and beautiful. Besides, it will bounce a light in the room and the space becomes bigger and better.
  11. Add to your wood beam mantel shelf a little greenery or photos and your shelf will look chicer.
  12. Also, you can use posters – framed or not.
  13. It is easy to create the feel of depth on your fireplace wood beam shelf. Pretty nice photos, artworks, books and small things will make your fireplace area interesting.

  14. If you are a lover of the chipping and vintage style, then put on an empty windowpane and make your living room in minimal farmhouse feel.
  15. When you change a décor in the whole room according to seasons or holidays do not forget about a fireplace board as well. Add your favorite flowers, some fruits, fall leaves or evergreens on your custom fireplace wood beam shelf.
  16. Most often mantels are a perfect place for houseplants displaying.
  17. Some fireplaces need extra lighting but there is not enough space for lamps placing. You can install some scones to offer the light without taking place on the mantel.
  18. Very often TV screens are placed above the fireplace. You can improve the look of your mantel by framing of the screen.
18 Helpful Tips How to Decorate Wood Beam Shelf in Your Living Room updated: June 6, 2021 by author: Ana White
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