Wooden Shower Wall Panels

Wooden Shower Wall Panels

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Wooden Shower Wall Panels

Wooden shower wall panels in a bathroom that looks its original state is one of the best ways to succeed in adding natural feelings and warmth to the place. Natural tree-like contours are the best. Even a small shelf or top of counter made of this material will work, but do not forget about proper treatment and making it waterproof.

If you plan to decorate your shower walls in a more traditional way and are bored with wall painting, wallpaper, and plaster, you may want to use wood for the walls. Wooden shower wall panels decoration creates style and we'll show you why!

Wood remains one of the best materials for construction, decoration and furniture production to this day. Designers, architects and buyers appreciate aesthetics, flexibility and durability. You can mix wood with other materials easily: metal, glass, plastic, stone. Look around: every house has a tree in every home. Except for the bathroom and toilet, but that's not real.

Wooden Shower Wall Panels

Everything is natural nowadays with ecological and biological prefixes. What could be more natural and ecological than wood? In addition, wood lining easily solves the problem of recycling materials: old boards, used wood products, recycled wood (MDF, chipboard, chipboard) - everything is used. Cool concrete and colorful bricks and wallpapers as the main element in a city apartment. Add warmth and comfort to your interiors with this wood finish walls. For example, you can get original, textured and warm accents to sew a board to a wall or part of it.

Furniture elements in this case can be used timely cuts. For example, put it in a wooden frame and hang it on the wall like a painting. In this case, the background should be as neutral as possible. Or create your own creative stool or bedside table. Or cut it in half, make the original shelf and stick it on the walls.

Dark wood complements the space behind the sofa, as opposed to the light colored shower wall panels (pictured). There is no need to sew all the wood shower walls - try to place a partition, bar or wooden panel behind the sofa. The airy structure does not look bulky and does not take up space. Wood on walls can be supplemented with other decorative elements such as wood lining, pictures or photographs.

Although the wood shower walls in the photos are decorated with old paint boards. But they look great even without additional decoration. By the way: wood is an excellent heat and sound insulating material. Cover the walls with wooden planks and you will no longer hear the neighbors making noise behind the wood shower walls.

Wooden Shower Wall Panels

Veneer with a very thin layer of wood (0.1-1.5mm) attached to plywood or MDF as an exterior cladding is a new way to use wood on walls. Unlike hard wood, they can be used to create larger compositions and cover large wall surfaces. An interesting offer from designers is to connect the cladding wooden shower wall panels not only horizontally, but also perpendicular to each other of the veins.

Plywood is a glued wooden layer with an odd number of veneers. In adjacent layers, wood fibers are at right angles. The vertical arrangement of the fibers prevents sheet deformation due to moisture. This ensures the plywood balance. It has high mechanical strength thanks to its layered structure. Wooden partitions will not only block but area. For example a work area or hallway area separate from the living room. But also give new life to the apartment.

A lattice can be decorated with indoor flowers or climbing plants. The apartment has a small garden corner. It is a good option not to use beams in the apartment - they are too large and "take up space", but in a country house or country house this option will be appropriate.

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