8 Extraordinary Living Room Magazine Holder Ideas for Living Room Decor

Sidekick Leather LP Sling hold by an X-shaped frame made of wood.

Do you spend a lot of time making efforts to organize the perfect reading corner with living room magazine holder? No doubt, you are one of those people who are lost in an endless number of various furniture pieces and accessories made for this purpose. Probably the most obvious option is a chair which has a built in storage, but usually such models may appear not very comfortable.

So, if your goal is to find the coziest chair ever, you will still need a place to store some magazines at hand. Here is the way out: complement your reading corner with a beautiful living room magazine holder. And here are several most popular options of multiple living room magazine holders to choose from.

Living Room Magazine Holder Ideas for Living Room

  1. The third eye vessel. This model was designed by Chen Chen & Kai Williams and performs as a pretty unusual item. This rack is made of three panels and has a form of something like open box. It lets to place books or magazines along the sides. Marble panels of this clever and simple system make the piece unforgettable.
  2. The Gazette rack designed by Jiri Pelcl. This item will definitely make happy anyone who is fond of classic design. Thanks to its design, Gazette rack is multifunctional, and you can storage there books as well as magazines. Moreover it is easy to fit this piece in almost any décor you can imagine.
  3. The Atocha rack. This piece is made to integrate in any environment, whether it is modern, contemporary or formal designs. It consists of leather sling hold by an X-shaped frame made of wood. Its size let the owner store there any type of correspondence (books, journals, etc.)

  4. This painted magazine rack appears in black or white colors and is made of steel. Unlike all previously mentioned designs, this rack is made only magazines storage. Unfortunately, its slots are too narrow to hold books. But if you prefer to read magazines, on this rack you may store from one up to twelve pieces and it will always maintain the perfect balance.
  5. The MW magazine rack. This piece was designed by the studio that is well known for its love to minimalist things and low-tech designs. their desire to make unique accessories which can adapt to their user’s lifestyle resulted in appearance of this rack. It has durable and lightweight construction mixing with the sculptural form, and may become a good idea for bathroom.
  6. Saddle rack. This piece has something in common with a living room magazine holder. It is a wood base covered with leather sling having two pockets on both sides. This is an elegant and versatile accessory which may hold not only books or magazines, but also many other objects or personal items.

  7. ETable is a perfect idea for those who need living room magazine holder and table at the same time. You can put here not only the book, but also your drink, glasses, phone, etc.
  8. Ivey designed by Hugo Passos. Talented Portuguese designer invented a rack which looks just like a box with slots, but still, it is a pretty good option for its purpose. It does not look that bad as you could imagine. The piece is enough stylish and practical thanks to useful handles letting the user comfortably carry it from one place to another.
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No doubt, all those pieces are totally great and useful, but if you still didn’t find the perfect one for you, there is another option – build living room magazine holder yourself. You can repurpose things and make the most perfect and totally unique piece, for example, pallet magazine rack. Consider the option of DIY project and craft the most functional and perfect rack ever.

8 Extraordinary Living Room Magazine Holder Ideas for Living Room Decor updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White

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