10 Attractive Hardwood Floor Examples for House Design

Dark Hardwood Floors With Grey Walls

People who have decided to change the material often have the common problem – how to finish flooring. It is like a puzzle in such hardwood floor examples. The question becomes if you also plan to change not the whole stage, just in some parts. Less knowledge and your home looks like the patchwork quilt.

How to Find Best Hardwood Floor Examples to the Hallway

It is difficult to find logical and obvious place to change one material into another. The imagination will help to get the best result. Most often we start changing with the area of entryways. Popular material to this area is stone or tile, but local hardwood flooring is the most chosen in the rest of the house. This stands up to moisture and mud.

To make the logical points of transition find the opening to the hallways. You may also choose the same colors for stone and tree, so this material will look good near each other.

If you have the open-plan home with hardwood floor examples, then you may not have the usual starting and stopping points to stage change in the entryway. Such homes have few tiles rectangle that are enough to stand no too much people and define the area of entry. These tiles are needed to lead everybody to the hallway. To other areas you may choose hardwoods.

Just imagine, you have chosen wood covering and dark shade with the diamond pattern, they work very good together. Experiment with the colors for hardwood floor examples. The nice contrast is combination of diamond pattern and timbered linear pattern. What do you think about stone tiles and wood on either side, just like a carpet? Dark espresso color will look amazing here. If you do not want to use different materials, then choose tree with the herringbone pattern on the entry and strength pattern to the hallway.

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Hardwood Floor Examples in Kitchen and Bathroom

Also you may be looking for hardwood flooring in kitchens. What do you think about light natural color in the timbered covering? Sometimes the line is necessary to make the transition with the wall. For instance, you may lay the stone tiles in the center of the room but not near the cabinets, so you get the rug effect.

For the bathroom best oak flooring is a good variant. Also you may combine hardwood floor examples with stone tiles in a square form. The color of the wood may match with exterior of the tub so these elements become connected visually.

Living Room and Its Hardwood Floor Examples

Cheap floor wood may be chosen for living areas in different homes. If you have decided to change the way of handling the covering, so do it without the effect of chopped room. As an instance, choose the carpeting for the angle of the room and stone for the dining place. If the color of the carpet and the stone is similar, then visual impact will be minimized. Also some designers propose to use wood that flow into the pattern of tree and stone that will fit to the living room. It looks good because of changing wood and wood stone combinations.

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If you have the elevation changed covering, then you need a great place to do it without dividing the areas. As an example, choose contrasted colors to make the clear definition of the levels, such as light wood and gray tile. Also you can use close colors but then choose an interesting pattern for one of the level.

Keep in mind, designers do not advice to use two different timbered covering for one house with hardwood floor examples. Especially, if they are similar in grain and color. It will look unsuccessful. Two different kinds of wood will look great only in following situations:

  1. They have completely different colors.
  2. They are situated on the different levels.
  3. They are in different areas of the house.
10 Attractive Hardwood Floor Examples for House Design updated: August 19, 2020 by author: Ana White


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