Best Seating Furniture for a Modern Chic Living Room Ideas

Flowers Shabby Chic Armchair for Living Room

Some people think Shabby Chic is realized in floral patterned wallpaper and pillows, bookshelves with teacups. But in fact, country chic interior design is a style of femininity and facility nowadays. And seating furniture can show this style in the best way, be sure it is not everything covered in roses.

10 Ideas of Chic Living Room Furniture

    1. Speaking about modern chic living room ideas it is important to tell about pastel. If you do not like blush pink, then pay attention on powder blue. A sofa realized in this color will remind you of the sky tone every time when you will relax there.
    2. IKEA sofa represents classic chic décor such as the rolled arms. Besides, the simple light pattern will look stylish and you will forget about grandma’s home.
    3. Do you like stripes? Find some small sofa that will look very French and you will be lucky. A lot of French country decoration is often used in classic Shabby Chic house, it is all because of their textures and colors.
    4. White linen wooden sofa for living room is a perfect decision. Choose the model with gentle curves or ornate legs and get the ideal Shabby Chic combination. Add some rosy pillow and enjoy.
    5. It is impossible to imagine classic shabby style without pink covered sofa. Make the rest of the room in neutral color and wooden grains and you will have the opportunity to add a small floral pattern in your sofa.
    6. Can you imagine the typical example of Shabby Chic chair? The chair with a white slipcover that displays a long texture and rolled arms will suit perfectly for any room of your home.
    7. Give a bit French touch to your house by using chic living room furniture. Choose the elegant chair with powder leather seat and back, and this furniture will definitely fit your room style.
    8. Maybe you know that rattan furniture is on the peak now. By the way, this goes perfectly with Shabby Chic decoration. Buy a chair or few to your space for getting a rattan glory.
    9. IKEA also proposes few models of furniture realized in Shabby Chic style. Choose interesting floral patterned chair that will compare in the best way with powder or white sofa, it will bring a pattern pop to your living room.
    10. Linens and cottons are not only the best fabric for your living room. Velvet may bring the great variety to this space. Add a chair with amazing tufted upholstery.


Best Seating Furniture for a Modern Chic Living Room Ideas updated: May 24, 2018 by author: Linda Carpenter
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