Country Wooden Chairs And Tables: 9 Awesome Combinations

Try to mix small country furniture with the modern dining area.

Being national or international, different new and old things always combine, especially when it comes about the country wooden chairs and tables. Sometimes this contrast is very strong and it is not always easy to make it a part of the décor.

If you like to combine incompatible, try to mix country wooden chairs with the modern dining table. This idea with give the nice look to your dining room and create here comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Winning Combinations of Country Wooden Chairs And Tables

  • Modern Panton chairs are part of the revolution in furniture design and have timeless and elegant look. Such country wooden chairs have modern design and are made of plastic. Classical beauty of vintage rustic table will be complemented by the smooth curves of modern chairs. And if the table has ornate legs, this mixture of styles will be even more successful.
  • Try to combine a simple wooden table with the chrome legs with leather and chrome benches. These two pieces will wonderfully complement each other. Pay attention to the symmetry between the simple lined legs of both table and bench.
  • If you want to add some spaciousness and transparency to your room, Ghost chairs are to your service. Combination of small country dining table and these polycarbonate chairs will be totally beneficial for the dining area.
  • Such versatile pieces like Eames molded plastic chairs are a wonderful choice for your dining room. The combination of modern country wooden chairs which have a comfortable seat and a metal base will help you to create unique but, still, classical décor in the dining room.
  • Bertoia Side chairs are another items that can be perfectly matched to vintage farm table. Although they look casual, there are two similarly designed types of them. This fact will help you to make even more interesting composition.
  • Another successful example of mixing old and new is the combination of French bistro chairs and common wood dining table. These country wooden chairs have an elegant look, although they look little rugged because they are made of galvanized steel. Such chairs definitely fit into the contemporarily styled kitchen.
  • Tobias chairs with clear seat can become great country cottage dining chairs if they’re matched with the retro wood dining table. Those transparent seats will make the table to be a star, although it will remain just as an accessory.
  • You might want to play on the contrast combining white Panton chairs with dark stained wood table. Thus you can create the harmonious ambiance in the room and here, the dark painted floor will be another plus.
  • Think about such unexpected combination of the Eames office chairs and the robust antique wood table. It is really unique and interesting mixture of styles and materials, which make a sober décor look more rustic. In this case, any room will look much more welcoming.
Country Wooden Chairs And Tables: 9 Awesome Combinations updated: July 26, 2020 by author: Ana White
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