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Luxury home interior design trends change every season, so how can the stylish homeowner follow them? In this situation only famous creative interior designer can help, such as Barbara Schmidt. She is a Creative Director and Founder of Studiobstyle, the company of marketing and design placed in Minneapolis.

This woman has had common projects with well-known international brands, celebrities, designers, such as Jeffrey Court Tile, Sub-Zero Wolf, Gwyneth Paltrow, Pella Windows and Doors, Kelly Wearstler, Iris Apfel and many others. She knows very well the design world, understands trends, and can advise how to use them in any home.

Make a plan of Luxury Home Interior Design

Schmidt says that buying of decoration and furniture for the apartment has a personal touch and takes a lot of time and money, so it is very important to have a plan. Start with some large piece such as a sofa for a living room. Then find the good rug, because it could be expensive and must fit the room. These items are the most costly, and after installing them you can easily complete the space with other things. A plan also helps to keep all things in the proper scale and size for the space. And it does not matter if you organize cottage interior design or the other one.

Luxury Home Interior Design: Give yourself a time

When you move into a new place or redecorate the space, you typically want to make everything right away. Schmidt advises not to buy everything at once. When you have time you can control your money and create a space you will like. When you live with different items for a while you see whether you like them or not. Also, she does not recommend making the room from one shop, because it won’t have a personality. Try to mix styles and get really interesting interior.

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Add original artisan pieces in Luxury Home Interior Design

Schmidt is sure that your home can have a huge collection of artisan pieces, and it does not matter you have a large piece of art or small accent things. Anyway, it is the best way to add personality to any big or small apartment interior design. Such artisan things are not too expensive. The designer proposes to look for artists online or in vintage shops because the history of the piece or the creator makes the item more original and unique.

Keep classic large pieces

You must be careful when it comes to large main pieces of furniture in the room, even if you like bright colors or patterns. Maybe now you love the wild print of your sofa, but after a few years you may want to have something new without buying all the pieces, and then it would be difficult. Keep big pieces in classic interior design, but do not choose beige or other boring tones. Navy, taupe, pale pink tones will always look attractive and save the room fresh.

Add vintage pieces in Luxury Home Interior Design

Schmidt is sure that vintage furniture has style and grace, and more character than the new ones. The good news is that the quality of vintage pieces is higher. Prices on such pieces are different. You may find cheap things on a flea market or choose higher quality items, but all of them will make your room more original and interesting. Besides, recovering of upholstered pieces can give them a new life. Vintage items can save your budget as well.

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Ignore color trends in Luxury Home Interior Design

If you plan to sell your home soon, do not follow color trends completely. If you do it, then you limit the resale market. Color is a personal feature, and not everyone prefers bright colors in their spaces. Add color only for surfaces that are easy to be repainted or for accent details. Normally the color is chosen a year for the retail environment, so you can know what shade will be trendy. And the fashion is so varied, so your luxury home interior design can have any color scheme.

Cottage Luxury Home Interior Design

A farmhouse is a popular trend nowadays. This style includes family-friendly, casual and eclectic features, fit modern relaxed interiors. Country and vintage details create the easy touch of a farmhouse, a lot of people like it.

Pink is Still trendy in Luxury Home Interior Design

A few years ago pink became the dominant color, and now it has transformed into many soft shades that designers use as neutrals in graphic design trends and other space planning. The choice is huge, from velvety sofas to light shades of pink for walls covering and tinted stone. Be brave in decoration. Do it, choose a bright ottoman, cushions or other details to give the trendy look to your interior.

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Last 8 Luxury Home Interior Design Trends updated: May 9, 2020 by author: Ana White

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