Best Curtains For Windows in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Bay Window Curtains

If you have decided to add new style or life to your old kitchen, you have found the right address. Start changes with windows; maybe they need new dressing or some other changes. Here is the list of cool kitchen curtains you may find that make any space brighter, stylish and lighter.

15 Ideas For Kitchen Curtains Window Treatments

  1. Peekaboo motif. If you have small window, dress it with amazing black and white printed curtain that is draped right. It is the original set up that add the vintage touch to your space.
  2. Wooden detail. You can hold the sun with this original idea. The wooden piece plays the role of a curtain and decorates the window at the same time.
  3. Clasped element. You may create the beachy style of your window. It gives the fashion and chic touch to your kitchen and will add an extra light when it is needed.
  4. Traditional roll. If you want to add traditional best curtains for kitchen windows, then find the inspiration in simple rolling set for the white room.
  5. Gold. Upgrade your kitchen with golden royal décor and contrast it with neutral background. For instance, add the heavier fabric.
  6. Roman curtains. Roman shades work very well with kitchen windows. Just imagine the final result before making purchase.
  7. Café elements. Making a café rod look and create your space like original Euro-flair. You will love such a romantic touch at your home.
  8. Funny scallops. What do you think about kitchen curtains window treatments with light scalloped piece? Choose the whimsical motif to dress your kitchen window.
  9. Colors. Color is the great and modern way to dress the window at the kitchen. You will get modern kitchen window curtains that are easy to cover at night.
  10. Many patterns. The combination of some various prints may give the personality to the kitchen. Add different variants over the sink and on the door.
  11. Burlap sacks. Maybe you are working with farmhouse style, and then you can apply some burlap sacks for sure as kitchen shades and curtains. It looks original and surprising.
  12. White. White color is a great variant for any room of your house. It is traditional and timeless.
  13. Floral pattern. Be brave to add something gorgeous to your space. For example, buy wine colored kitchen curtains with floral pattern.
  14. Blinds. Blinds are often used as curtains in the kitchen because they add the particular style to the space. If you like minimalism, it is for you.
  15. Trellis panels. Curtains with trellis pattern look really amazing at contemporary kitchen.


Best Curtains For Windows in Your Kitchen updated: July 16, 2018 by author: Linda Carpenter
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