9 Bright DIY Storage Shelves Design Ideas for Your Room

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It’s a popular opinion that old homes with DIY storage shelves have a lot of benefits from the living area. Such old houses have the pretty nice honeyed wooden floor, thick hard trim, amazing build in shelves and cupboards.

Some people decided to add these traditional details to new houses to bring the calm feel, but in fact, it is difficult to see build in build in shelves in a new home. Maybe you are the one who thinks that build is only for old homes. But there are so many ways how to build in DIY storage shelves. It doesn’t matter your home is old or not, it will win with such an original decision. Look at these ideas of creating own shelves that nobody will know you did it by yourself.

Ideas for DIY Storage Shelves Design

  • Before starting to work take into account you shouldn’t be a professional to build in few DIY storage shelves at your home. Just buy IKEA cabinets because they combine easily together and need just a little finish.
  • Do you have a home office without storage space? Add few built in cabinets around window for all necessary things. Then you just decide where you will place books and boxes.
  • Such a kind of DIY storage shelves can be used not only in a living room and home office. They is needed for playroom as well. There are so much free space for storing books and other things.

  • When you start to look for original built in shelf designs consider about reading nook. Such a cozy place will become the favorite one for you and your family as well.
  • Maybe, you are sure that your simple built in bookshelves are needed in hidden storage. Then choose a combination of open shelf and closed cabinets on the bottom. Thus, you can use the countertop and keep there lamps, candles or some large pieces.
  • Glass fronts and hard fronts are the nice combination of the really neat wall of cabinets, besides, you will have a lot of space for keeping things and displaying the most memorable details. And it looks uniform and original.
  • There are some places in our homes that are needed in original DIY storage shelves ideas such as a fireplace, or the wall with mounted TV. Build original shelves with built in storage to get the traditional look.
  • If you have not a nook for your built in shelves, it’s not a problem. Organize a set of shelves out from the wall. After installing light decisions and DIY storage shelves they will look natural in any space.
  • The owners of houses with high ceiling are lucky, but for them, it could be difficult to have built in shelves. But such a useful decision will make an easy access to any corner of the space.
9 Bright DIY Storage Shelves Design Ideas for Your Room updated: June 5, 2021 by author: Ana White
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