8 Simple Modern Furniture Design Examples That Never Go Out Of Style

Egg chair ideas are beautiful, elegant and very simple design that later became iconic.

Some innovative and simple modern furniture design really impress, but often it gets a short-term popularity and soon, people forget about it. At the same time, there is modern and affordable furniture that has timeless design and serve for dozens of years, never going out of style. Moreover, such pieces always easy become a part of any type of décor.

Some Examples of Simple Modern Furniture Design

  • Popular Coffee Table.

In the middle of the 20th century, industrial designer and artist Isamu Noguchi created original same-named coffee table that was officially introduced in 1947 by Herman Miller. This idea inspired many designers for their creations and now people may see the latest version of the model.

  • The Egg Chair.

This is a good example of simple modern furniture designed more than 50 years ago. Originally, the egg chair was created in 1958 by Arne Jacobson for the popular hotel in Copenhagen. Its main feature is beautiful, elegant and very simple design that later became iconic.

  • The Saarinen Tulip Table.

This piece also has another name – the Pedestal Table. Being introduced in 1956, it has become the first item in a row of similar designs that appear till today. The creation of the very first table was inspired by a drop of water.

  • The Arco Lamp.

Achille Castiglioni designed this lamp in 1962. Without any changes in simple modern furniture design this piece is still looking stylish in all modern decors. The Carrara marbe, which lamps are originally made from, add it even more elegance and chic. Its minimalist design and simple solid base is a great addition to contemporary furniture sets.

  • The Eames Chair.

Ray and Charles Eames designed this chair for the furniture company of Herman Miller. Originally it was a duo of a chair and an ottoman and its official name was Eames Lounge (670). Designers were focused mainly on its comfort and usability. Today this set is one of inexpensive modern chairs that incarnate elegance.

  • The Nelson Platform.

Another simple modern furniture design icon is the Nelson platform bench, designed by George Nelson and introduced in 1946. It’s clean and simple modern furniture design shows the architectural background of the artist and the piece itself perfectly suits homes and public areas as well.

  • The Eames Table.

Long-termed experiments with plywood resulted in Eames elliptical table. It consists of steel wire base and top made from 7 layers of birch plywood. Of course, this table is often used in living rooms, but you may place it in bedroom or in any other sitting area around the house.

  • Molded Plastic Chair.

Here is one more example of reasonable modern furniture – the creation of Ray and Charles Eames called Eames plastic molded chair. It is interesting that this piece was first plastic chair that was industrially manufactured. Its design is so perfect, comfortable and durable that this chair can be used everywhere: in offices, libraries, homes and any other public spaces.

8 Simple Modern Furniture Design Examples That Never Go Out Of Style updated: June 7, 2021 by author: Ana White
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