Unusual Wood Furniture: 4 Impressive Ideas of Making

Tree Trunk Wood Furniture Design

In fact, unusual wood furniture is a huge collection of various designs that is hard to imagine. Habitual and comfortable dining table made in wood or classic barnwood chairs are a little part of general number of such unusual wood furniture set’s varieties.

Taking into account the beauty of the pieces of unusual wood furniture it is easy to imagine that such wooden sets suit perfectly for all styles and could be made in unique design and forms to make any space beautiful and stylish. Here are few variants of unusual and pretty nice designs that give the new life to usual wood furniture.

Even if the unusual wood furniture does not have polish surface, smooth edges and excellent finish looks beautifully. Most often the designers prefer to skip finishing and polishing and show the original beauty and sublimity of the natural material. Such method will look perfectly for instance in outdoor teak coffee table’s finishing to fulfill the overall atmosphere of the space.

Unusual Wood Furniture: Ideas of Making Unique Rustic Dining Tables

  1. Designers also propose to use different portions of the wood that always are going to the trash or become overlooked. For instance reclaimed teak wood dining table could be the perfect decision in any home style. It may be done from the roots of the teak as this tree portion is not used for other purposes. All these pieces are salvage to following using in unique and one-of-a-kind furniture designs to make rooms and outdoor territory stand out. Such decision helps to support common sculptural design in the house and around it.
  2. Also the popular variant is using root blocks of the teak in making creative outdoor teak coffee table etc. These portions of the tree are multipurpose and very interesting. Roots could be also used for side tables making, stools and other pieces or sets. This simply design fits perfectly to using as a nightstand in the bedroom and so on. These days reclaimed wooden furniture is much fashionable and such reclaimed teak wood dining table stand out. For instance it might be done from special finished teak tree with hand-chiseled treating and creates unique structure. The base may be done with the glass, thus such surface will stand out and amaze everybody.
  3. There are many various unique rustic dining tables in the stores but one-of-a-kind table simple and stylish will give the class and originality to the dining room. What do you think about wooden live-edge top? It is perfect, is not it? For making the style contrast anyone may choose industrial-style metal base or wood with interesting cracks, knots, and markings on the dining table that give a character to the unusual wood furniture and the room generally.
  4. The unique rustic dining tables should be not only the functional part but also as a decoration of the room. For instance there are various benches in the stores that could be used as a sculptural element outdoor and for other settings. The bench from solid wood looks natural and hand-finished, and it could be the great example of amazing unusual wood furniture with all inherent it characteristics.

Unusual Wood Furniture: Creative Ideas in Cedar Stools’ Producing

  1. One of the most interesting shapes in furniture making is Betty design, because it is unusual, and applies to the specific unique category. It looks like the bench, a sofa or an L-shaped version of the unusual wood furniture. Terry Dwan created this shape and figure and such barnwood chairs are usually made from solid wood in organic shape, so the natural qualities will be allowed by such great finishing.
  2. Cedar stool could be made from the solid tree and it looks like the piece of the tree trunk. Stools and coffee tables from the solid material are popular nowadays and fit not only for rustic style houses. There are various solid wooden cedar stools with barrel-shaped and a bit concave seat, and other similar variants designed and customized to a particular decor.
  3. Fans of sinuous lines will like ergonomic armchairs that could be sculptural part of the home design. It is possibly to put it in living rooms or lounge zones, because such chairs are comfortable and relaxing as look attractive. For instance the wood seat could be attached to the revolving base from opaque metal or made from classic leather upholstery.
  4. Terry Dwan is also the author of the nice armchair carved out of the one block of a tree. Such a nice piece has concentric circles on the trunk section of the cedar or other kind of tree it is made of. It could become favorite piece of unusual wood furniture in indoor or outdoor spaces. It is possibly to combine such armchair with different seat covers or cushions.

Real unusual wood furniture looks always original and beautiful and it plays greatly with live-edge designs. Beautiful table may have a stunning top because the piece combines old and new, rustic and modern, comfortable and beautiful design in the best way. Such ancient material could be used in contemporary design with amazing natural metal base. The top details of various materials could be inserted in the cracks.

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Fans of beautiful and unique unusual wood furniture could pay attention on the Domino Sugar series made from reclaimed beams. The first cube of this piece is cutting out and then the part is cutting down into the hexagon with a chainsaw. This way of making helps to show the grain of the wood and unique treat as well. The stools become solid, robust and multipurpose, so it is easy to use them as small tables and nightstand.

Besides, such wooden blocks could have any form and shape, for instance usual rectangular figure that seems the most popular variant. Such unusual wood furniture is simple, so it could fit for various settings and style decoration. It is interesting that every piece is unique and beautiful and it is hard to find two same pieces. The fantasy plays here a great role, because the creator could cut out tree trunk sections, leave everything in the original style, attach legs – all methods made the usual tree beautiful table for dining room and so on.

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