Purple Quartz Countertops

Purple Quartz Countertops

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Purple Quartz Countertops

If you have the favorite color, you may apply it to your purple quartz countertops. Give the femininity and charm to your kitchen with deep and beautiful purple color, it is excellent.


  • Liam001

    In my garden I want to install countertop under a canopy. I’m thinking along of quartz surface. Granite would absorb moisture and than the extreme temperatures would crack countertop. I’m not sure how the years of UV would treat it. I do not know anything about quartz surface stuff. I have a 3″ slab of live-edge oak, but I don’t know how to coat it well enough that it would stand up to the elements. The backyard is pretty well shaded, so UV and sun is a small issue. What are the problems with quartz countertops? and tell me please which is better quartz countertops or granite?

  • Carter J.

    If you know anybody in countertop business, it can’t hurt to ask them if they have any cheap quartz surface countertops. And are quartz countertops heat resistant? if you also want to install the hob on it

  • 45elijah

    How about sealed wood? Most of outdoor restaurants use this. But can wood countertops be refinished to shine like purple quartz countertops honestly I don’t know…

  • OliverU

    I realized that I also have big chunks of purple quartz countertop that came out of a kitchen renovation and I planned to use them in the backyard. So now I will think about it thoroughly 🙂

  • Emily G.

    Purple ink on my new quartz countertop 🙁 I tried the abrasive side a small bit but it not worked.. How clean quartz countertops? What should I use for that? I’m just new to it.

  • Riley7

    I’d try more water with rubbing. If it still doesn’t come out you can try ammonia. And if after this you still have spots on the countertop then ink has found a fissure in the countertop and then you may want to soak the area with spots for a while.

  • Mrs.Aubrey

    I have a purple quartz countertop and I used a tiny bit of acetone to take spots off. Now it no visible damage. Good luck with cleaning chore. 🙂

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