Design-Forward Antique Furniture With Your Unique Decor

Decorating An Antique Styled Dining Room – Old Plates On Wall

Although, today’s world is full of rampant decluttering, modern technology and minimalist deigns, designers all over the world continue creating design-forward and interesting spaces that include different antique furniture and other pieces, and people still want to see them in their homes. One of the ways to own pieces of the best antique furniture is to opt for recreated vintage pieces.

Maggi Massimo is an Italian company that combines aged furniture look with modernity. When their work is done, the piece evokes such features like warmth and history, which are totally different from the mass produced furniture. Thus, owners may feel the sense of the past and remember about previous generations which loved the piece.

The Company creates pieces for entertaining spaces and for kitchens which have vintage feel and look. Among their works you may find, for example, decorative aluminum hood. Its aged appearance was reached with the help of the stained metal and a crowned emblem placed on the front side. Under the hood there is a reproduction of a wood stove. This duo makes you feel like in the old European castle’s kitchen. The units are displayed with vintage an rustic pieces, and the porcelain-fronted item is a perfect choice for a kitchen with country chic contemporary design.

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Repurposing and Restyling Antique Furniture

Best antique furniture definitely should never be stuffy or too serious. One of the great ways to use antique pieces is repurposing. You could make a vase from your antique teapot, a catch-all from a bowl, etc. Maybe you have an old chair with great vintage legs – repurpose and use them!

One of the best examples of repurposing is using a gas pump as a wine dispenser. Your friends will definitely be surprised when you will serve them wine from the nozzle of the pump. It’s another feature is an option to put several bottles of different wine and to release one of them by pushing this or that button.

Mixing Antique Furniture

The best way to organize a boring décor is to stick to one same style all over the space. If you do not want this to happen, try to read several articles concerning antique furniture and its using. The first and the main rule is the absence of any rules while decorating your home with antiques. People who know something in home decoration recommend balancing new and old pieces in a ratio 1 to 5. This means that for one antique finished wood furniture piece you should make sure to have five modern items. For example, antique victorian dining chairs will have a great look in the dining room where they will be mixed with other pieces of furniture and accessories with more contemporary and newer appearance.

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Love Them and Use Them

Antique finished wood furniture do not like to be treated like museum pieces. Whether these are antique victorian dining chairs or other pieces of antique finished wood furniture, bring them out and use them. Use these pieces with an open mind and only then you will find a real enjoyment.

Add the Unexpected

Another helping advice when using antiques is – never be afraid to use very modern pieces among vintage ones. Here, the same rule as with mixing styles works – too many same things is too boring. Contemporary designed spaces can be easily complemented with an aged furniture look. Adding something unexpected you will avoid your room from becoming a museum.


Design-Forward Antique Furniture With Your Unique Decor updated: June 29, 2017 by author: Linda Carpenter

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