6 Powerful Tips How to Arrange a Large Living Room in Your House

White Floor Living Room

How to arrange a large living room? Furniture arrangement is not so easy. It is not only about placing furniture pieces around the house just where you think they will look good (like putting living room table with chairs in the middle of the room).

Correct arrangement can create a certain mood in your house and fulfill many other functions. Here are several tips that might help you in this uneasy task.

Tips How To Arrange a Large Living Room Furniture Sets

  1. Focusing on Function.

Any décor (especially in the kitchen) must be organized the way to let you reach all needed utensils fast and easy. As for the books, they should always be at hand in the home office when you are working or studying. So, first of all, consider what things you need most often and choose the furniture design accordingly to those needs.

  1. How to Arrange a Large Living Room With Organize Space.

Choosing how to arrange a large living room furniture sets, try to place it in the center of your room is a cozy (maybe circular) formation in order to make conversation for people comfortable. Then, this social setting can be bordered around by the rest of your furniture. Place shelves, cabinets and other elements along the walls.

  1. Choose a Main Item.
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In order to appropriately organize your living sofa set, choose a focal point and focus on it. This can be, for example, piano, fireplace or even a piece of art. This tip will not only help to place all seating around it, but maybe also will inspire you for choosing some textures, colors or upholstery to decorate the room. To create comfort and balance this focal point should not make a vivid contrast to the rest of décor. Instead of it, this visual attraction must be nicely blended with it.

  1. How to Arrange a Large Living Room With High Traffic Zones.

Some spaces around the house should be wider in order to let people comfortably walk there every day. Ensure that there is at least 30 inches between wood dining room furniture or other items where the everyday traffic is high. Leave more free space in the areas with the highest traffic (near kitchen appliances or in front of sink).

  1. How to Arrange a Large Living Room With Pieces That Match Certain Spaces.

Small dining spaces require more efforts to choose set that will fit. For example, round cherry dining room furniture is a great option. However, sometimes dining table running along the walls may become the best space-saving choice. Great variety of rectangular tables’ sizes and lengths may also work if you find the one which will not take too much free space and still be able to give enough seating for the whole family.

  1. Furniture vs Pictures
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If you want pictures to be placed perfectly, forget about hanging them too high. The higher your arts will be attached, the less proportion will have the room. Picture should be hung nearly 12 inches above the piece of furniture, thus it will work. In order to prevent a bounded feeling, always leave a small gap between your furniture and your art.

6 Powerful Tips How to Arrange a Large Living Room in Your House updated: June 7, 2021 by author: Ana White

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