Modular Shelving Units For Walls In Your Room

Randomito Open Wall-Mounted Bookcase Modular System

The idea to decorate rooms with wall hung shelving units gives great flexibility, because they can be used both, for displaying things and to organize and store them. Modern modular shelves give more flexibility than ever.

Modular shelving units for walls are designed the way to be hung in different configuration depending on each person’s preferences and needs. Here are several examples of the most unique shelves.

  1. DYNKS – shelving unit that is a great choice if you have storage friendly and diverse décor that should be completed with one of the large storage shelving units to hold the collection of books or just to fill one empty wall in the room. it is made of birch plywood and represented in a great variety of finishes. Modules can be connected to each other with the fixing screws.
  2. Randomito is a great example of modular shelving units for small spaces. If you have a small room and want to decorate it with some kind of bookcase, creation of Eva Paster and Michael Goldmacher is probably what you need. Being made of MDF it has several variations of colors. If you have more space to be filled with shelves, use several units matching their colors as desired.
  3. Searching for 18 inch deep shelving units, pay attention to the Stacked system. It consists of several modular pieces and can be repositioned and rearranged in different ways. It can serve different purposes, from being a side table, to a room divider and entertainment center.
  4. Cubit – pretty versatile shelving units for walls which consist of many individual modules that can be organized in an endless number of ways. Another plus is that those modules come in different ways, so if you want to organize multicolored system, you can easily combine them.
  5. Most often, shelves are of a great use. But sometimes, you just have nothing to store or display there. In this situation, the space loses its attractiveness and shelves are not so practical anymore. Fläpps is a way out. These are folding shelving units for small spaces which can disappear when you do not need them. Have more space? Match several units and mix them by color to give the room more attractive look.
  6. Luca Nichetto created wall hung shelving units which have very playful appearance. the design, being based on the hexagonal framework, gives the possibility to configure the system in different ways depending on your needs.
  7. The Brass Rail Shelving units are great for storing and displaying different collections, books or anything else. Shelves here are made of solid wood and are put together by a metal frame. This system allows its owner to vary the heights of shelves as you want and put as many of them as many can fit there.
  8. CV Shelving System is one of large storage shelving units that is very versatile, because it can be used in many different settings. For example, it can serve as a furniture piece in the living room or become a great storage unit in your office. These 18 inch deep shelving units are good idea to use it even in stores.
  9. Luisa & Lillian Parrado designed geometric shelves that make vertical gardens look greater than ever. Display your potted plants on the wall so that they look stylish and simple at the same time. The system is made of thin steel tubes which are connected to each other by polypropylene strings. The shelves themselves are concrete.
  10. Designed by Sebastian Bergne, Plane storage unit can be added to any room in different forms. The system is made the way to fit any space you could want to put it.


Modular Shelving Units For Walls In Your Room updated: August 28, 2017 by author: Linda Carpenter
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