New Awesome Designs For Alternating Small Stair Treads

Stairs Flanked By Solid Walls

People who choose the structure or the design of a future staircase, they often focus on material, style, shape, but almost never on the functionality. Choosing alternating ones, people get a great variety of possibilities. This type of small stair treads is full of aesthetic details and many other elements. Comparing to classical stairs, alternating ones offer their owners user-friendliness, multifunctionality and designs fitting almost any interior.

Some sculptural designs of alternating solid oak treads can be graceful, elegant and simple at a time. They may extend from the wall and be supported by metal rods hanging from the ceiling. The rods, having the same design as the handrail has, make the construction look more like a piece of visual interest.

Even the simplest geometric pattern of the curved stair treads can complement the style of the room and any material used for decorating this space. Covering stairs with wood you are adding warmth and comfort to the room.

If you want the unit to serve you best remember about its functionality. There is a great number of possibilities to make the alternating construction more functional, for example, built-in storage spaces that make your stairs become a cabinet, a bookcase or a wardrobe.

It is a good idea to use alternating stairs and stairs pads for saving space and storing things in small houses. Thus, their main idea of combining several functions will be successfully realized in your own house.

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One of the most common functional combos is a duet of bookshelves and staircase. In case with alternating stairs this duo will take a new form. Cubical spaces between the stairs need only your inspiration to be filled.

Common stairs can become smart ones in a variety of ways. One of the examples is a home bar. Each shelf and cubby can hold glasses, bottles and anything else that could be necessary near the bar counter.

Building alternating stairs over the desk or to extend stairs into the desk on the stage of designing – this is another smart idea. Bookshelves, office items and supplies will always be stored at hand and easy accessible whenever you may need them.

But, sometimes in case of solid walls flanking the stairway it is not always a good idea to include hidden storages or find other functions for the stairs except being the ones.


New Awesome Designs For Alternating Small Stair Treads updated: July 31, 2017 by author: Linda Carpenter

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