8 Charming Styles of Modern Classic Beauty of Wall Unit Storage Cabinets

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Wall unit storage cabinets have always been modern classic beauty and great for keeping some things in. But storing is not the only option for them. Except their main function (storing), sideboards and cabinets may have a nice look and become a focal point in any living room.

In this article you will be presented with several designs of contemporary living room cabinets proving that modern classic beauty items can successfully combine mentioned below attributes, and that there are numerous styles of them which can suit any room’s décor.

Designs of Modern Classic Beauty of Wall Unit Storage Cabinets

  1. Luna – wood storage cabinet made of MDF featuring orange lacquered or walnut veneer finish. Its circular structure has two sections hold by base. The lower section is closed off and doors are painted in two different colors. The upper section remains open and is a good place for keeping books.
  2. Mister – the next representative of modern classic beauty cabinets for living room. It is pretty customizable and versatile thanks to its 7 removable shelves and 5 removable drawers. It is perfect not only for living rooms, but for entertainment and dining areas as well. If you want you can completely rearrange its interior and use it as a desk, a bar or any other place for storage.
  3. Arlequin C has a very interesting and eye-catching design consisting of many triangles. You will be surprised when you see that its storage compartments do not have a triangle shape. The intricacy and the irregular form of the unit give the dynamic look to any room.

  4. Lancelot – unique and surprising storage unit. When you look at it for the firs time you cannot guess its shape for sure. It has an unusual silhouette, but inside of it you will find large shelves perfect for keeping bottles, books, towels or any other things you may want to keep there.
  5. Longing cabinet that has clean and sleek design is a good choice if you are looking for unique square living room cabinets and shelves. It has sixteen same sized square doors, each with the unique key. Moreover, each door has unique finish which makes the unit look like a bar of chocolate. Those details make this storage cabinet very special.
  6. Zulmira is a modern classic beauty cabinet made with the combination of two materials: wood and metal. As a result you can get pretty versatile and very beautiful living room wall storage units to fit any décor. Sculptural geometric base organized of metal legs and wooden doors hiding spacious shelves inside the unit.

  7. Stack cabinet is not a simple unit at all. It looks like a tower of drawers and, actually it is a tower of drawers. You can pull any drawer in both directions and every time the composition changes.
  8. Although the creation of the Otto cabinet was inspired by elements used by Italian designers starting from 1960s, this piece has extremely modern classic beauty look. Made of black walnut, this unit was carefully handcrafted with a great passion and attention to details. Its front is decorated with geometric patterns and opening four large doors you reveal spacious interior of the piece.
8 Charming Styles of Modern Classic Beauty of Wall Unit Storage Cabinets updated: June 9, 2021 by author: Ana White
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