Red and White Print Ideas in Your Living Room

Red Lighting Accents

Black and white is a classic combination, but red and white can be the original and timeless pair that will transform your interior into a stylish one. Find the nice print, and get everything trendy from both colors – light, bright and stylish.

Classic, modern, Victorian, chic, eclectic, beautiful, there are so many ways to apply red and white prints to your house. Here are few real and interesting variants of using such colors in your interior, take the inspiration!

5 Tips for Your Red and White Living Room

  1. Even wallpapers in red and white colors can be wild and fresh. This gives you the great field of exciting design, for example, even a book in your home can be covered with original paper. Also, you can buy interesting and wild wallpaper for your small and pretty bathroom. Red and white colors always look fun, especially when they are placed in small original prints, so feel free to go with it. Even if you just applied an accent red sofa, interior design will show your personality.
  2. Beautiful and traditional interior you can get just after touching thick red and white stripes into your inspired space. It would be perfect to realize such white interior design ideas on the patio or near the swimming pool. Few striped pillows or the same bedspread will make the space clean and carefree. Remember, the thick stripe is much better for the style. Small stripes will make the design more traditional and not so trendy.
  3. Vintage and feminine toile is what you need to add a funky touch to your red and white living room. You may add some covering chair or hang curtains; anyway, you will have the charming and cozy room where soft colors combine in red and white toile. It is the original detail, but if you use it in the right way you get a unique shabby-chic room.
  4. Young and loud chevron can decorate any space no matter what colors you use. But when you use white and red furniture ideas you need something original to make the transformation perfectly. What do you think about chevron carpet? They can make the depth and unique space, and absolutely charm. Also, they may add the personality and life into a quiet and calm room. Place the table, ottoman, bed or other furniture on a chevron carpet and get the perfect stylish nook in your interior.
  5. The retro and creative print is polka dots! This print realized in red and white colors becomes more interesting. Besides, they are available to create the style in small spaces such as the stairwell. Find some pop white or red furniture living room ideas and create fun DIY projects with interesting fabric!
Red and White Print Ideas in Your Living Room updated: October 4, 2018 by author: Linda Carpenter
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