Small Side Desks For Any Corner

Multifunctional Side Tables Made of Cork

Small side desk is a piece of furniture you may always fit in any room of the house even after the interior design of the space has already been finished.

There is such a great variety of types each of which offers absolutely unique functions, styles and combinations, so there is always a place for one small piece in the room. Even if you live in a small apartment, it is so hard not to place small pedestal side table in the bedroom.

Here are several unique designed side desks, at least one of which will catch your eye.

This is a bit extravagant but cute small side desk which if needed may become a nice stool in the living room or bedroom. Thanks to successful mixing of hammered metal and exotic woods this piece looks like stacked pebbles. Its great design has a lot of zen charm and will be appropriate in any interior.

French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Side Table

This robust and quirky side table is a good idea if you do not have to concern about the limited floor space in the room. Being individually finished and cast in England, each piece may come in several variants: polished white bronze, polished common bronze and antiqued bronze.

This design was invented by Tom Faulkner. This is an example of black side tables for living room which are functional and at the same time space efficient. Lily side tables have original and unique shaped tops which are combined with patinated bronze or steel sleek bodies. Moreover, you may choose from three different sizes and four heights.

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This is an elegant and sleek three-legged side table. Its simple and versatile design is perfect for placing it in various settings and decors. Metal frame of these small side tables for bedroom is covered with leather. Over the years the leather will naturally change its color and become more beautiful. There are two versions of such tables: with a round top or with a rectangular one.

Pebble Stool Sidetable With Wood And Mirrored Accents

Side tables made by Hyde House

These items have a lot in common with all furniture designed by this manufacturer. Their furniture can always be identified by unique, elegant and interesting combinations of materials, patterns and textures. These exquisite and beautiful designs combine glass, metal, wood, hides and luxurious fabrics, which are all mixed the way to look glamorous. Every space they are placed will definitely enriched.

Dexters are small side tables for bedroom or for any other room in your house which can be considered not only as a side table itself, but also as a stool or a wire sculpture. Its simple but playful design makes it versatile and multifunctional furniture piece in your room. Pieces are ideal for custom designs, where you may put several of them together, stack them, link or create groups. Winning combination of them will be great even for minimalistic designs which need graphical accents or a color burst.

Brogue Round Side Table With Slim Legs

Small pedestal side tables are often accent pieces or small furniture pieces in the room and the most important thing about them is to pay attention to their details. Brogue side table is a great example. It has three sleek legs and metallic tips on them, and elegant round top with beautiful strip made of leather on the rim. Being handmade, this strip has decorative perforations which is that unique detail we were talking about.

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Many designs of side tables can be functional both as tables and as stools. Ne of such multifunctional pieces is side table from the Splay series. They are made of such elegant materials as metal and marble and may be characterized by graphical and playful forms. Coordination of asymmetrical frames made of steel and materials like marble or metal results in great visually appealing combos.

Casper Cork Stool Side Table


Playfulness of side tables design can be represented in many ways and each time it will be totally new way. Michael Sodeau designed Casper series of side tables with the direct approach to the issue. Fun and quirky tables can also serve you as a stool. It depends on the way you want them to be today or the other day. Regardless of the functions, Casper items make any design more joyful and bring it more character. They also have two holes on the side looking like eyes, but having the clear purpose. These are holes for fingers and make it easier to move the piece from one place to another.

Art, Abe and Arne series

Another creation of Machael Sodeau. This is a series of side tables, which are made of recycled materials. It is pretty multifunctional and an easily make a competition to tall white side tables. Each piece of the series has useful gaps to storage things. Each of three available designs looks great both when used individually or when grouped together. It is much easier to complement the design of the room with one of such pieces.

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Champagne Cork Side Tables

Dizzy and Angolo series

Manufactured by Circa Products, series of side tables may seem simple and basic at the first sight. But the process of manufacturing is actually more complex that it could seem to be. High technologies let the designers to explore different options with finishes and materials. As a result customers get quite unique and exclusive side stools and tables.

The two most important attributes of the side table named Botti are modernity and refinement. It has a sleek shape and a gold-plated body which are successfully complemented by its great functionality. Such items are made of brass and may come in two finishes: glossy black and gold.

Unique Champagne Cork Side Tables

Nobody said that simplicity is bad. Side tables from the Log series is an example of basically designed table with organic forms and quite simply lines. The natural beauty and uniqueness of wood logs is what highlighted in such items.

Whether you want tall white side table or small black side table for living room, remember that you will always find the piece which exceptionally fits the space and the interior I general.

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