How to Distinguish a Terrace Place Apartments from a Balcony Nowadays

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A balcony and a terrace are needed for definition the space that connects interior space with outdoor area. But these spaces have various definitions. There are few main differences and you can’t use these terms interchangeably. But how to distinguish each of them nowadays?

What Is a Terrace Place Apartments?

  1. The word “terrace” went from Latin and means “earth”, so it indicates that a terrace is made on a raised plan. Thus, terrace place apartments are raised area for instance at the top of a house.
  2. Function of a terrace – Modern areas can make many functions. For instance, they could include open gardens that are very popular in contemporary urban areas. Such a beautiful garden looks refreshing and rejuvenating in the middle of a contemporary city. You can also put a Jacuzzi on it or a pool and make the nice oasis on this space.
  3. Accessibility of it – Not all houses have direct access to the terrace. Often the wood deck roof is enclosed area and they sell normally for more because of the versatility the terrace offers. Probably this space is available only thanks to a fire escape but also they can have separate staircases.

What is a Balcony? Balcony Decking Materials and Other Items

  1. The term “balcony” comes from Latin as well. Actually “balcone” means a large window. Nowadays it is an elevated platform that extends from the building walls. It can be placed to any room of the house, even to two or more spaces.
  2. The size of this area. Normally balconies have small sizes, so they are not too versatile as terraces are. They make a function of linking between the interior areas and surroundings. But even in this case tiny balcony decking materials could make any room larger, airy and more open.
  3. Balconys’ function. The most popular function of these spaces roof deck pavers is extension of the indoor living space. If you want you can remove the wall separated two areas, but in this way the balcony should be enclosed. Most people prefer to keep potted plants in this space, and transform this area into small pretty nice garden that will become a lovely addition to the apartment. If it is connected with a kitchen then it is easy to use it as storage for keeping large things such as washing machine or dishwashers.
  4. Accessibility of a balcony. The space is always connected with one room or the building at least. Normally it is a method of an extension of the living space but there are cases when a balcony is connected with the bedroom or kitchen. Anyway, you need go through the whole room and then reach a balcony.

General Differences between These Areas: Area and Decking Hardwood

The size is the most obvious difference between these two. Terraces are much larger nowadays than balconies. And also the size determines functions of this space.

A terrace is a fully open space in general. It is situated on the top of the house and looks spacious. Balconies are smaller and always are connected to a room.

Balconies could be open and enclosed. And terraces should be covered with an authorized floor plan – decking hardwood.


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