5 Magnificent Bamboo Furniture Design Ideas For Cottage Decor

Bamboo Wood Dining Table

Probably you have already heard of custom bamboo furniture design ideas as about one of the most eco-friendly types superior to others. This is mostly true. Concerning bamboo, there are some risks speaking about the environment and the conditions it is harvested, grown and processed in.

But, anyway, this plant is growing super fast comparing to any other plant in the whole world. Moreover, it does not need much pesticides, irrigation or fertilizers.

Technically, the bamboo is a type of grass and it can grow in almost any climate, from mountain regions to tropical areas. The versatility of its species reaches the number of one thousand and its stems can differ in heights from several cm to about forty meters.

This material is not only eco-friendly, but is also very durable and strong. Another plus of real rattan furniture is its resistance to moisture, insects, swelling and scratch resistant. That’s why bamboo furniture design ideas worth to be considered as an outdoor furniture or other elements of the decor.

Using Cheap Bamboo Furniture Design Ideas in Interior Design

Actually, you can use bamboo almost anywhere in your house. If you have ever tried to shop for cheap bamboo furniture design ideas, you know that there are hundreds of absolutely wonderful pieces, like chairs, tables, beds, headboards and nightstands. Except these items, you may find wallpaper, backsplashes, mirror frames, flooring and many other things made of bamboo. This material always makes your place look more casual, inviting and warm.

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Bamboo’s natural color has a lot in common with beech wood. If you see the bamboo furniture design ideas with darker shades, this means it was stained. Thanks to the durability and lightweight of bamboo it can be used as blinds and privacy screens. Have you ever heard about bamboo textile? It can be obtained by certain complex chemically-intensive processes, after which it transforms into the cellulose, and which after becomes the fabric.

You still think that there are few things that can be made of bamboo? Actually there is a prototype house in Nicaragua which is almost totally made from this material. Doors, most furniture, ceiling mats, walls – everything was made solely from bamboo. Near the house with bamboo furniture design ideas, there is a garden, where this plant grows!

Maintenance and Cleaning Affordable Wicker Furniture

Everything is pretty simple. But, there are several rules you should always keep in mind:

  • For outdoor pieces – try to expose them to water as little as possible;
  • For indoor items – if you want to prevent cracks and for luster maintaining do not forget to apply oil each two months;
  • Cleaning the furniture, use only soft cloth and natural or organic soapy water;
  • Expensive as well as affordable wicker furniture can easily sag in damp environment or after cleaning. So, try not to sit at it in such circumstances;
  • Do not panic if you find fresh cracks. Gently sand this place and apply paste wax.
5 Magnificent Bamboo Furniture Design Ideas For Cottage Decor updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White

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