10 Fascinating Ideas for Modern Decorative Wall Panels for Your Home Design

Geometric Decorative Wall Panel With LED Light

There is one original way to make your living or working space more interesting – it is transforming your walls into decorative points by using modern decorative wall panels. These panels are represented in various styles, forms, sizes and materials and everybody could find some perfect decision for own house. They make simple space more extraordinary and original.

10 Ideas for Modern Decorative Wall Panels

  1. In the Atton Vitacura hotel in Chile, you can find pretty and elegant space design. It works because of beautiful panes from the well-known professional team that specializes in original wooden boards’ making for walls. Such an attractive design will give the feeling of being in the wooded forest.
  2. The Ienova Corporate Offices in Mexico city look amazing thanks to elegant boards that double and used as dividing walls. Glass inserts make the space holistic and establish the amazing pattern as well.
  3. The office of the Bruce B./Emmy B. company from Germany looks also great with wall panes using. Such décor is great for reception space and making this space attractive and elegant.
  4. Usually, artistic modern decorative wall panels cover the entire wall up, but you must not do it. Decorative boards look also original if they are small. Besides, they have the additional role to absorb sound. Swedish company Wobedo Design created different forms and sizes of such boards and proposes right mixing for every home.
  5. Ornamental panels can also take up the whole wall and consist of four boards for instance and set them up in the bedroom. They could be upholstered in soft fabric and be both practical and decorative. It is original because they become the big headboard as well. Besides, such a decorative interior wood paneling creates the geometric pattern and adds some color to the room.
  6. Modern decorative wall panels go perfectly with bedrooms. Designers propose to make one accent wall in your room that will be covered by geometric panes with integrated covert LED lighting for highlighting the forms. This decision will give the cozy mood in any space.

  7. Cool and fashionable decorative wall paneling designs make the accent walls in many different ways. For instance, you can decorate even two walls of your room with these boards. Choose geometric modern decorative wall panels realized in wooden and black tones and combine them together like a puzzle.
  8. The designer Gunay Abbasov proposes to use modern decorative wall panels represented in elegant wood. Such a basic wall with square-shaped panes placed in cool way. The author adds some strips of LED light, thus the beauty and charm of the décor is highlighting. You can create other similar compositions which will look stylish.

  9. You can also find wall boards that can be used for creating 3D compositions, for example, like Vaughn Mcquarrie proposes. You can choose various color of such decoration. This is the versatile series and it is possible to use it in any way you like. It does not matter you decorate own house, workplace or the hotel interior – anywhere these panes will add the architectural charm to any area.
  10. Find out some elegant installations which Anne Kyyro Quinn studio proposes. This company produces unique and interesting projects that have versatile look and can be applied in any luxurious or simple interior. They are not complex but stylish and charming. Such modern decorative wall panels realized in different forms and colors so they could be used in original ways, make eye-catching compositions that look special.
10 Fascinating Ideas for Modern Decorative Wall Panels for Your Home Design updated: June 6, 2021 by author: Ana White
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